Columbus, OH: October 21, 2017—WoundWiseIQ, a leader in capturing and analyzing wound care data, today announced their digital wound application performed four times faster than traditional methods and with approximately 96% accuracy.

“The time has come for app-based wound measurement systems and diagnostic predictive devices. WoundWiseIQ and SerenaGroup are leading the way. I’m presenting the results of the clinical study this week at the 9th Symposium for Advanced Wound Care,” explained Thomas Serena, MD, FACS, CEO and Medical Director of SerenaGroup™.

“With the growing burden of chronic wounds, wound care providers require precise measurement and tracking to monitor the progress of a treatment plan. Better measurement and more accurate data improves patient care and saves lives,” noted Serena.

“We are excited to be partnering with Dr. Serena at SerenaGroup.  Dr. Serena is the President of the Association for the Advancement of Wound Care, and is CEO of a premier wound care research company.  He has dedicated his career to improving patient wound care,” noted Gary Ross, CEO, Med-Compliance IQ.

WoundWiseIQ measures the planimetric area of a wound and is referred to in the industry as a Digital Wound Planimetric System. (DWPS). The application was developed to address the challenges with traditional measurement and monitoring methods such as the time required to capture and analyze data and the cost of accompanying hardware.

WoundWiseIQ is an easy-to-use and efficient mobile application which may be downloaded on most web-enabled mobile devices. Patient data is stored securely in the cloud and integrates with other patient data as needed.  The clinical study noted above was performed independently by SerenaGroup and Strategic Solutions, Inc.

WoundWiseIQ provides a cloud-based, digital mobile application that measures and evaluates wounds. The solution helps improve patient care and saves lives. Learn more about Med-Compliance IQ and WoundWiseIQ at