If you are a wound care product provider, did you know you could utilize software analytic tools to help prove the efficacy of your products, by presenting wound images and healing data to your customers in a easy-to-use dashboard?  

These software tools can also function as a lite Electronic Medical Record (EMR) to track trial and study activity – feeding information to a Clinical Research Organization (CRO) system and research team for analysis.  In this case, a wound-healing software tool can potentially cut your product study costs by hundreds of thousands of dollars, and give you control of multiple trial or study sites, from one location if it is cloud-based.  

You can use the data from the system in your marketing and sales. For example, develop a white paper from the images and data in the system, or package your products with wound analytics software to provide your customer with a total wound care solution.

There are 4 benefits to building a total wound care solution for your customers:

  1. Analytics applications can provide more precise calculations of wound size
  2. Cloud-based systems can provide immediate information on the wound’s healing progress, from any authorized location
  3. Software tools can enable you to more effectively show customers that your product is working well 
  4. You could take advantage of reseller programs and offer the product as part of your offerings to the market, to earn additional revenue

WoundWiseIQ is one of the leading wound analytics software providers.  Their imaging and analytics application can measure the area of a wound using a patented algorithm and system design that captures precise calculations of a wound’s area and condition and provides immediate information on the wound’s healing progress. The WoundWiseIQ product shows your customers how fast your products are healing wounds – with imagery, trends, and graphs.  

Also, WoundWiseIQ meets the compliance requirements for home health care, post acute care facilities, long term care facilities, and skilled nursing facilities, wound care centers, medical product suppliers, and wound care research companies and labs.

Learn more about WoundWiseIQ – and how you might become an approved wound care product provider.  Contact gary@medcomplianceiq.com, or ask for a meeting and demo here: https://woundwiseiq.com/schedule-demo/