What WoundWiseIQ Clients Are Saying About Us

“The time has come for app-based wound measurement systems and diagnostic predictive devices. WoundWiseIQ and SerenaGroup are leading the way. With the growing burden of chronic wounds, wound care providers require precise measurement and tracking to monitor the progress of a treatment plan. Better measurement and more accurate data improves patient care and saves lives.”Thomas Serena, MD, FACS, CEO and Medical Director of SerenaGroup™.

“WoundWiseIQ has been a fantastic new tool that has enabled our team to accurately measure and analyze wound healing progress.”Steve DeJoe, Customer from Osnovative Systems, Inc.

“The application makes it easy and low cost to capture data and to perform automatic report trending; and the investigators could see patient enrollment instantaneously. The planimetric area measure provided through WoundWiseIQ is accurate.”Christine Marks, VP Marketing at Lohmann & Rauscher USA


1. WE BUILD INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS. We create intuitive and easy to use wound analysis software. We want it to help improve operations while also providing valuable information that will ultimately help wound patients heal.

Customer Comment: ‘WoundWiseIQ is easy to use and the wound documentation is outstanding–clinically significant!’

2. WE ARE RESPONSIVE. We listen and learn. We have a sense of urgency. We are hands-on. We do this because of our deep desire to make our customers raving fans.

Customer Comment: ‘Your responsiveness is great and differentiates you from others!’

3. WE BUILD RELATIONSHIPS. We are dedicated to our customers and partners. It takes a team to reach our goals and achieve the success we all pursue for our providers and their patients.

Customer Comment: ‘Your team is amazing and your customer service is phenomenal!’