A Chief Innovation Officer’s Perspective

We recently had the pleasure of speaking with WoundWiseIQ’s Chief Innovation Officer Dr. John Phillips. Along with being the CIO Dr. John Phillips is a cardiology and peripheral vascular interventionalist and has significant experience [...]

Relevant Wound Telehealth Questions Answered

The process of telehealth wound care is changing rapidly, Electronic Health Records (EHRs) are becoming more accurate and accessible, reimbursement codes now allow telehealth visits to be covered by insurance, and many more advances [...]

4 Benefits To Building A Total Wound Care Solution

If you are a wound care product provider, did you know you could utilize software analytic tools to help prove the efficacy of your products, by presenting wound images and healing data to your [...]

3 Tech Trends Impacting Wound Care Telehealth

Wound care is critical for those who have undergone surgeries, been injured, exposed to chemicals, or have certain health conditions. Wounds that do not heal completely within six weeks are known as chronic wounds. [...]

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