Columbus, OH: April 12, 2021 — Burn IQ, a product in development from the same company who introduced patented WoundWiseIQ, has just secured a patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

“We believe Burn IQ will be the first application on the market that utilizes ultrasound analysis and machine learning with an easy-to-use interface to more accurately determine burn wound depth,” says Gary Ross, CEO of Med-Compliance IQ. “The Burn IQ patent reinforces the assets we are building on this journey to help patients with wounds. We are actively looking for partnerships with ultrasound providers to have Burn IQ added as another application on their mobile ultrasound devices.”

The key inventions for the Burn IQ patent (US 16/058,304), officially issued in February 2021, include the algorithms and methodology to use ultrasound to determine burn wound depth. Burn IQ is the 2nd product patented by the company; inventors are Gary Ross, Nathan Romano, and Eric Richardson.  WoundWiseIQ was patented in 2018.  WoundWiseIQ just released a new video describing how the product is working, and has won an award for its wound analysis technology platform from The American Medical Directors Association (AMDA).

“We are excited about fulfilling our mission to build patented wound analysis software to help physicians improve and save lives. We believe Burn IQ will be valuable in the military, burn centers, urgent cares and emergency rooms, where time is of the essence,” continued Mr. Ross.

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