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We build innovate software applications to support companies and people that want to heal chronic wounds more effectively.


Since our launch in 2015, we have been passionately focused on our mission.  As a result of impressive team effort and talent, we launched our first product, WoundWiseIQ, in 2017.  WoundWiseIQ is FDA registered, patented, and in use in the market!

Gary Ross, CEO of the company, has built a talented team consisting of wound care physicians, wound care industry experts, and healthcare business growth leaders!

Dr. Gayle Gordillo and Dr. Chanden Sen

Dr. Gayle Gordillo

Dr. Chandan Sen



WE ARE RESPONSIVE. We listen and learn. We have a sense of urgency.  We are hands-on.  We do this because of our deep desire to make our customers raving fans.

WE BUILD INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS. We create technology that improves operations and provides valuable information and hope – to patients and those who care for them.

WE BUILD RELATIONSHIPS.  We want to win and push hard, but we are also humble.  It takes a team, including our customers and partners, to achieve true success.