Are you a physician, wound care specialist, nurse, or PA who treats patients with chronic wounds? If so, WoundWise IQ can help make wound evaluation faster and more accurate.

You know better than anyone how patients suffer. Each year more than 6.5 million people need treatment—that can last for months, sometimes years. Amputation is a constant threat and as you know, patients can die from serious wounds.

And so, when wound patients come in for their weekly checkup, medical professionals are diligent about inspecting and measuring wounds as effectively as possible, which sometimes means manual measuring with rulers and Q-tips.

What if by downloading a software application to your iPhone, iPad, or Android, you could consistently and accurately document wounds using image capture instead of physical measurement?

There’s no hardware to purchase. The system is fully HIPPA-compliant, and easy to use. Download the application to your mobile device. Focus the device’s camera on the wound and with a few of screen taps the application captures the perimeter and planimetric characteristics of the wound.

Within seconds, algorithms within the application analyze the data and report the results while the patient is in the treatment room. The new information is added to the patient’s record and also feeds into a secure cloud-based provider, decision support system that is part of the WoundWise IQ app.

WoundWise IQ is a solution designed by wound care physicians and we continually partner with providers for feedback and product improvement. Talk to us about how we can help you improve the care of your patients without disrupting your practice or making a capital investment.

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