Columbus, OH: April 26, 2018 — A newly-issued patent emphasizes WoundWiseIQ’s advanced technical performance as an innovative healthcare technology leader through its algorithms which automatically calculate the area of a wound with significantly improved accuracy over similar offerings.

Gary Ross, CEO of the company says, “Achieving a patent for WoundWiseIQ is a major accomplishment for our company.  It puts us at the top of the list in terms of automatic wound measurement providers with the most accurate and well-developed technology.”

Med-Compliance IQ, the parent company of WoundWiseIQ, also continues to expand its market presence.  The OhioHealth Innovation Development Fund recently invested in WoundWiseIQ following the Fund’s mission to support physicians, nurses and associates working to bring their product ideas to life while also giving them the opportunity to retain ownership of their intellectual property.

In addition, OhioHealth physician Dr. John Phillips, creator of the ShutterHealth app which will be added to the WoundWiseIQ portfolio, is taking an advisory role and joining the company’s advisory board. Dr. Phillips brings more than a decade of experience as a heart and vascular physician with extensive knowledge of healing and vascular wound care.  He will be working with the team to create a new telehealth wound product to be used by remote patients to assist in wound care healing and to support future predictive analytic products through clinical trials.

As WoundWiseIQ’s app offerings increase, the company continues to gain traction with customers and partners. The reason is clear to Thomas Serena, MD, FACS, CEO and Medical Director of SerenaGroup™ who presented at the 9th Symposium for Advanced Wound Care, “… Wound care providers require precise measurement and tracking to monitor the progress of a treatment plan. Better measurement and more accurate data improves patient care and saves lives.” Serena notes that WoundWiseIQ’s planimetric system offers a significant improvement on monitoring wound care while decreasing cost to health providers by saving time in securing and reliably analyzing wound data.