Due to the strict control of onsite access to – or transit of – elderly patients to prevent spreading of the Covid-19 / Coronavirus in post-acute care settings, software now enables remote wound care experts to support those onsite and team together, as if they were right next to them.

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For those in chronic wound care, how do we best enable the healing of wounds in an environment where a wound care expert may not even be allowed to enter a nursing home, for example? And of course, the patients are not able to leave to go onsite to a wound care center either. For a nurse to become an expert in wound care treatment takes years, and although wound care is a growing issue in health care, nurse training and expertise in wound care is still a developing skill set. So can we support the front-line nurses with technology that links them to a remote expert?

Wound care software is making positive contributions to healthcare teams fighting the Covid-19 Coronavirus on the front line. Without wound care experts being able to access nursing home facilities at all, and without nursing home patients being able to leave the facility at all to go to wound care centers – an easy to use remote wound care consulting software solution could be the answer to more effective wound care treatment, even after we get past the pandemic.

Helping to give the opportunity a push are government and private insurance companies who are making policy changes to promote the use of telehealth. The CDC is calling for healthcare facilities to adopt telemedicine to protect patients and staff, and many large hospitals are racing to implement and scale up these capabilities at their front lines. There has been a 50% increase in Teladoc visits in the last week alone as more and more people are turning to remote technology to see their doctor virtually. These are positive trends that are now driving the use of software supported remote wound care. The software actually provides the mechanism to pull companies and their partners together to attack wound care healing as a team, regardless of their physical location.

WoundWiseIQ (www.woundwiseiq.com) is one company who is bridging the gap between onsite nurses with patients, and remote wound care physician experts.   Software enables the patient and local nurse to stay where they are, and communicate with remote wound care physicians or nurse practitioners through virtual channels – where they can see all the latest wound data and images through WoundWiseIQ.

How it works: The nurse at the nursing home, home health care, or clinic – takes an image of the patient wound. Neither of them has to leave the facility. The software measures the wound, and provides tissue color segmentation, and that data is stored in a HIPAA compliant encrypted Amazon cloud location where a remote wound care expert can review and provide immediate remote wound care support.

The remote wound care expert has instantaneous visibility to the current image and related data, as well as all prior images and data – to enable a more thorough view of healing progress. Interactive audio can occur while referencing the WoundWiseIQ images in real-time. There is also a messaging feature within the app that allows the nurse and a remote expert to message – developing a team approach to healing each wound. No need for e-mail or text messages about the wound – everything is documented and controlled from within the WoundWiseIQ application.

WoundWiseIQ could also be used by companies conducting studies or trials at remote patient facilities. Now a wound care product supplier or a research organization can manage their trial remotely. All they need is for the nurse onsite to take an image, and the remote product research team can offer direction, process, and analytics that enable the most successful study or trial, without exposing anyone to the virus.

“Nurses helping patients who are suffering from wounds that are not healing, can receive care from remote wound care experts without having to leave their home or their nursing facility or having someone come onsite.  Tools like WoundWiseIQ enable this interaction.  It’s a tool that is helping on the front-line to minimize the risk of any party contracting the virus.”
Gary Ross
Med-Compliance IQ, Inc.

The bottom line:  Software products like WoundWiseIQ are playing an important role in helping to reduce the aggressive spread of the virus to both elderly patients and front line wound care medical personnel.  The software is pulling companies and their partners together as a team, to accomplish the goal we are all aiming for: improving and saving lives.

Learn more and see a demo here: https://woundwiseiq.com/schedule-demo/