Wise on Wounds
March 2019 Newsletter
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The Basics of Wound Care Management
CutisCare | News | January 25, 2019By furthering our understanding of basic wound care management, we can have a domino effect on the efficiency in other areas of our facility… (more)

Can we heal wounds by printing skin?
Healthline | Medical News Today | March 11, 2019Printing layers of skin to help treat chronic wounds or burns may be on the horizon, thanks to a newly developed mobile skin bioprinting system… (more)

Electrifying Wound Care
Ohio State University | Science Daily | March 6, 2019Can bandages infused with electricity heal wounds faster?  These bandages belong to a class of therapies called electroceuticals, which are devices that use electrical impulses to treat medical issues such as wounds… (more)

Wound Care New Tech
Allen Willey, CEO | Noxsano | March 20, 2019Noxsano’s patented dressing includes nitric oxide technology for application to Diabetic Foot Ulcers (DFUs), burns, and surgical incisions… (more)

How automated wound measurement software can help heal wounds
Vicki Fischenich, MSN, GNP-BC | WoundWiseIQ | February 19, 2019User’s perspective from a wound expert utilizing mobile wound measurement assessment software… (more)